covid-19 statement:

We at Maple Street Market | FitMeals Murray are dedicated to the health and well being of our community.  As long as government mandates allow and the supply chain allows we will remain open as normal to meet your needs.  During this time menus may need to be altered according to availability of ingredients.  We appreciate your understanding. If you have any questions please reach out to us at or call or text us at 270-681-5015.  

Please stay well and we hope to see you very soon!

how it works

We take care of the planning, shopping, cooking, portioning, and delivering so you can focus your time on the things that matter the most to you.  Our meals are made fresh every Monday and delivered that day. 



We plan a variety of healthy menu options for you. Just check out the Menu tab. 



We shop for the highest quality produce and meats available from local farms. We support our farmers!


We cook your meals using the freshest ingredients, avoiding processed and unhealthy options.



Each meal is portioned in either 4oz or 6oz serving sizes to keep 
you on track.



We deliver FitMeals right to your door, or you can pick them up in any of our convenient locations.

How It Works: Menu

1: Review

Review the monthly menu. 

2: Order

Place your order online before Thursday night. Select “pickup” or “delivery”. 

How It Works: Order
Delivery or Pick Up

3: Pick-up or delivery

Pick up your meals at any of our convenient locations, or have your meals delivered straight to your door. 

4: pay

Pay when you receive your meals. We take cash, local checks, and debit/credit cards. If you would like to pay electronically, please let us know!

How It Works: Eat and Enjoy

5: eat and enjoy!

Just pop off lid and heat meal to your comfort level. All meals arrive in a BPA-Free, microwave safe, freezer safe, containers. FitMeals are cooked fresh on Mondays and kept at 41* until delivered. Our meals are NOT frozen. Eat and enjoy within 3-5 days!


Regular fitmeal

(4oz. protein)


large fitmeal

(6oz. protein)


family fitmeal

(serves 4)


bulk rates

0-9 meals



10-15 meals



16+ meals



Payments are made on day of pick up/delivery. FitMeals Murray always encourages everyone to order ‘across the board.’ This helps to diversify your nutrient sources & helps you try new, healthy options! Got questions? Contact us here.

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