How It Works

We are a meal prep business.Β  Our meals are made fresh on Monday, and delivered that day. Pre-Orders are due by Thursday at midnight.


  1. Review the monthly menu.
  2. Place your order online before Thursday at midnight.
  3. Delivery & Pick up is Monday. Pick up is from 11am-6pm at our Kitchen Location and delivery starts at 4pm (we typically deliver within the hour). If you miss the pickup, please stop by during normal business hours (11am-6pm) on the following day.
  4. Payment due upon pick-up/delivery. We take cash, local checks, and debit/credit cards. If you would like to be billed electronically or auto-pay, please let us know!
  5. Eat and Enjoy within 3-5 days! (Just pop off lid and heat meal to your comfort level. All meals arrive in a BPA-Free, microwave safe, freezer safe, containers. Β FitMeals are cooked fresh on Mondays and kept at 41* until delivered. Our meals are NOT frozen.


Regular FitMeals (4oz protein)
Large FitMeal
(6oz. protein)

Family FitMeal
(serves 4)

Bulk Rates:
0-9 meals = regular price
10-15 meals = $7.50
16+ = $7.00

Payments are made on day of pick up/delivery.

FitMeals Murray always encourages everyone to order ‘across the board.’
This helps to diversify your nutrient sources & helps you try new, healthy options!
Got questions? Feel free to email us at